Experience the Best of New York: The West Side Highway Running Path


New York City is not just a concrete jungle; it has plenty to offer the outdoorsy type too. One such hidden gem is the West Side Highway Running Path. Often overlooked, this extraordinary path offers the perfect blend of cityscape views, fresh air, and tranquility in a city that never sleeps.

History of the West Side Highway Running Path

The creation of the West Side Highway Running Path signifies the resilience of New York’s urban planning. In the 1970s, the then derelict West Side Highway was transformed into a lush, green buffer against the Hudson River, giving rise to one of the city’s best running paths.

Route Overview – The West Side Highway Running Path

Beginning at the southern tip of Manhattan, Battery Park—the West Side Highway Running Path stretches more than 15 miles north up to Fort Tyron Park. Amidst notable landmarks, vibrant culture, and sprawling greenery, the path provides an unmatched running experience.

A Closer Look at the Path – Navigating New York’s Waterfront

The West Side Highway Running Path is a runner’s paradise, weaving its way along the Hudson River. Starting from Battery Park City at the south, you’re greeted with panoramic views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island as you journey northwards.

Mile Marker 1: Battery Park City to Chambers Street

As you begin your journey northwards, you will pass through acres of plush green space. Here, you’ll intersect landmarks like the Irish Hunger Memorial and Nelson A. Rockefeller Park, making this stretch not just a running path, but a historical voyage too.

Mile Marker 2: Chambers Street to Houston Street

This stretch provides exquisite views of the Hudson River. The soothing rush of the waves and the hustle and bustle of New York in the backdrop serve as the perfect running accompaniment.

Mile Marker 3: Houston Street to West 14th Street

Segueing to the Hudson River Park, this stretch takes you through a delightful mix of cityscape and nature. The recreation-laden stretch houses sporting, dog parks and even mini golf facilities, transforming the running trail into a hybrid lifestyle experience.

Mile Marker 4: West 14th Street to West 59th Street

The path winds past the Chelsea Piers, an iconic symbol of the New York waterfront. Breathtaking sunset hues cast over the river, making this part of the stretch an ideal evening run.

Mile Marker 5: West 59th Street to the Little Red Lighthouse

This section takes you under the shadow of the mighty George Washington Bridge and ends at the charming Little Red Lighthouse, adding a whimsical touch to your run.

Benefits of Running on the West Side Highway Running Path

Safety and Accessibility

With separate lanes for runners and cyclists, the West Side Highway Running Path is designed with safety in mind. Its convenient positioning along the city’s waterfront makes it easily accessible.

Consistent Maintenance

The path is meticulously maintained by the city. Regular tending guarantees a smooth, safe, and clean running experience, encouraging running enthusiasts to engage more consistently with the route.

Experience New York like Never Before

The West Side Highway Running Path offers a unique perspective of the city. The amalgamation of lush riverside views with various cityscapes makes it a visual journey as much as a physical one.


Running in New York City need not be confined to the treadmill. With the West Side Highway Running Path, you can breathe in the refreshing riverside air while imbibing the vibrant culture and energy of the city with every stride.

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