Master the Art of Cycling Intervals for Peak Performance


Cycling Intervals presents a revolutionary and scientifically-proven technique to boost your cycling performance, fitness level, and stamina. Training in intervals is not just about exertion; it’s an art blending the right technique, scientifically allocated intervals, and accurate execution.

What Are Cycling Intervals?

Cycling Intervals refers to bouts of high-intensity riding interspersed with periods of low intensity. The aim is to improve the overall performance and capacity by strategically using the body’s varied energy systems.

Benefits of Interval Training in Cycling

Interval cycling training presents multiple benefits:

Highly Efficient: Cycling intervals, due to its high intensity, prove efficient and effective in improving cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance.

Improvement in Anaerobic Capacity: High-intensity intervals improve anaerobic capacity, vital for short and intense bouts of cycling.

How to Incorporate Cycling Intervals?

Structured Intervals: This involves planned high-intensity and low-intensity phases. You exercise to full capacity during high-intensity intervals and rest during low-intensity intervals.

Unstructured Intervals/Fartlek: This involves less rigid periods of high and low intensity, mimicking real-world cycling conditions with varied terrain.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in Cycling

HIIT is an optimal way of achieving the benefits of cycling intervals. It consists of short yet intense bursts of cycling followed by short recovery periods.

Tabata Intervals: Dr. Izumi Tabata’s method recommends 20 seconds of maximum intensity exercise followed by a 10-second rest period, repeating this cycle for four minutes.

Techniques for Effective Interval Cycling

Use of Heart Rate Monitors and Power Meters: Gadgets like power meters can provide data to plan and monitor your interval cycling training accurately.

Proper Nutrition and Hydration: Essential for cycling intervals as the body needs to replenish the lost energy and fluids.


Mastering the art of cycling intervals can offer tremendous improvement in performance and fitness. Remember, it’s not just cycling fast, but cycling smart that makes a champion.

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